Uncommon Makes
Nov 12-13
Chicago, IL
The Uncommon Hacks team is bringing you Uncommon Makes, a collaborative makeathon and workshop series! We will present a series of workshops and talks geared towards UChicago students interested in getting their hands dirty with web-based technologies. Over the course of the event, attend workshops that showcase several cool ways to build a site, and then make an HTML page of your own! At the end, we’ll stitch all of them together in an e-quilt that will celebrate the creativity of the tech community at UChicago. Join us at the MADD Center at Crerar to learn, create, and make!
1. How can I apply to Uncommon Makes 2021?

Fill out our sign-up form (https://bit.ly/Makes2021Signup) and make sure to confirm your participation during 7th Week when we send out confirmation emails.

2. If I want to go to one workshop, do I have to go to the entire event? Do I have to go for all two days?

No, you do not need to be present for two days or even an entire day. Just indicate on the registration form which events you’ll be attending. However, each day of Makes will feature workshops as well as free time to work and seek mentorship that we’d love for you to participate in!

3. Can I participate remotely?

Yes! We’ll be livestreaming the workshops and offer opportunities to collaborate on projects remotely.

4. I’ve never coded before. Will I be able to participate in the workshops?

The workshops are beginner-level but they do require very basic CS experience. You will have no problem if you have taken any CS class before but we also welcome all students to attend.

5. Will lunch or dinner be provided?

We will be providing individually packed meals on Friday; on Saturday we will have lots of snacks and refreshments for participants.

6. The event is tomorrow and I forgot to sign up! Can I still attend?

Yes, we will be accepting walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis. If you forgot to sign up, please try to come early to ensure you get a spot.

7. I participated in Uncommon Makes in previous years. Will the event be the same?

No! This year, we are splitting Makes into workshops and a makeathon to make it more accessible and convenient for everyone.

8. I participated in Uncommon Hacks last year. Will the event be the same?

No, Uncommon Makes is a much more informal, learning-based event. While we’ll have project showcases and opportunities for collaboration and mentorship, there won’t be various prize categories. Stay tuned for information about Hacks 2022 happening in April 2022!

9. Do I have to come to the event with a team?

No, the event will not have any kind of competition and will not require a team. However, workshops and projects can be done in pairs or teams if you’d like!

10. Will materials (computers, hardware, etc.) be provided?

Workshop materials such as code templates will be provided, but we ask that you bring your own laptop.

+ What if i have another question?

Email celery@uncommonhacks.com or shoot us a facebook message.
Friday, November 12th
6:00 pm – Opening & Introduction (Crerar 390)
6:30 pm – Oscillations: Algorithmic Animations in HTML + CSS + JS (Crerar 390) / Dynamic HTML (location TBA)
7:30 pm – Dinner (3rd Floor Commons)r
7:45-8:15 PM Ideation + Team Formation (Crerar 390)
8:15 pm – Data Visualization (Crerar 390)
9:00 pm – Web Styling (Crerar 390)
9:45 pm - Work + Mentorshop Time

Saturday, November 13th
1:00 pm – Doors open/check-in with mentors/work time
2:30 pm – Snacks + Break
5:00 pm – Closing + showcase
Stay tuned for workshop details!
Projects e-quilt coming soon... keep an eye out after the event!
NOV 12-13
chicago, il